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My promise to you

To bring greater understanding to specific subjects that matter to you, and put in front of you new ideas that could change your life forever.

I’m here to share my expertise to build future relationships with good leaders & help searchers to find their destiny in the business life.

Startups are something I mastered with proven records of great success.
learning is something I adore, if I don’t learn something new every day then I cannot sleep that night, and the best place to learn is the startups.

Throughout my career, I worked with different kinds of sectors, industries, startups, established companies and I love it.

Being an Entrepreneur is something great but at the same time is not easy.
the greater leader has to be involved in all aspects of the organization in order to achieve success on the highest level.
At the same time has to build a powerful culture based on trust and understanding of each other inside the organization in order to minimize Micro Managment and establish strong and knowledgeable people to take the company to the next level.

Some of the things that I had to master and learn very well are
build a greater culture, Business plans, financial planning & budgeting, People training, management, strategic development, vision and mission statement implementation, mobile apps, digital marketing, SEO, social media, graphic design and much more.

As a Senior business advisor and Serial Entrapronure, I always say
life is 10% what happens to you and 90% the way you react to it.
In your day to day challenges, you have to make good decisions. Sometimes you make the wrong decision and that’s fine because that’s how you will learn, and always remember you need to get back to the (90% rule) and find a way to react and come up with a solution that will make you go back on the right track again.

I help developing strategies with great vision to company’s board of directors, leaders, and CEOs to help them achieve the highest levels of success.


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