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Teeth whitening treatment is a transformational process that adds sparkle in your smile and leaves you with greater confidence. Teeth whitening are the best solution for people with stained teeth that can result from smoking or drink such as coffee, tea or alcohol. However, while teeth whitening offers a great solution for improving your smile, it is important to note that the bleaching agent can lighten your teeth if not done correctly. It is, therefore, important that the whitening treatment process is carried out by a qualified professional.

Who should perform teeth whitening services?

Teeth whitening is a dentistry service that should be performed by a qualified licensed dentist, hygienist or certified expert. You can find a beauty salon that offers a dental whitening solution, and that is legal and could be less expensive comparing to a dentist service. There are also DIY home teeth-whitening kits, but they are risky to use as it can erode your teeth.

Back in the days, only the dentist could perform a teeth whitening, but now You can find a spa that offers a dental whitening solution using methods and materials approve by the FDA.

During teeth whitening process, you may have to visit your dental service provider for a number of times. The dental specialist will study your teeth carefully and recommend on the best teeth bleaching agent to use, how to use and the number of days to apply. For some people, some types of whitening gels are left for up to 8 hours at a time, which lessen the treatment period by about a week.

Some dentist recommends another form of whitening system called laser whitening or power whitening(LED) like the Polus Advanced machine. Laser whitening involves applying the teeth whitening product in the teeth directing laser beams or LED to activate the bleaching element. Laser whitening takes as short as 2 hours and is very effective.

LED teeth whitening machine

Type of Teeth-Whitening solution:

The most common used types of teeth whitening solutions in 2017 is to have mobile teeth whitening service come to your home or place of work like teeth whitening centers website or mobile app to schedule your next teeth whitening session, this will save you a lot of time and effort. also, teeth whitening centers offer services in spas and salons that are approved and certified to perform a teeth whitening services in their locations, if you are interested in adding a teeth whitening service to your beauty business go here.  other teeth whitening solution include Osmo whitening gel, Smile Whitening, GEMINI­™  HOME EDITION, Smile Zoom Whitening, and Kor deep teeth bleaching method.


i. Osmo whitening gel:

Osmo whitening involves the use of LED Lamp like Beyond II machine. The process is done with the guidance of the specialized and licensed person.

ii. Smile Zoom Whitening method:

Zoom teeth whitening adopt Philips Zoom technology. Smile Zoom Teeth Whitening Reviews reveal that the whitening process can help to achieve up to six shades lighter in a single session. The process is done by a qualified professional at dental facility followed by a course of home whitening to attain sustainable results. But the Beyond Max 5 have better reviews by dentists and patients for the minimum sensitivity.


Beyond by Global Medical Minds is the world’s most recognized teeth-whitening system that offers a broad assortment of teeth whitening solutions that range from phenomenal home whitening solutions for average patients to comprehensive teeth whitening services for tetracycline cases. Beyond whitening solutions achieve white teeth within the least time possible and results in lasting longer. It is also pain-free and more affordable as compared with the other types of dental whitening solutions.

Which teeth is whitening option the best?

Today there are many teeth whitening solutions providers and finding the right service provider that offers the best whitening solution may seem overwhelming. You can get over counter teeth whitening treatment, laser-activated teeth whitening solutions and permanent deep bleaching systems such as Gemini and others. Dental specialist will work to identify the best teeth whitening solution for your case. The best teeth whitening solution should be pain-free and achieve the intended result within the least time possible.

For many years, teeth whitening solution providers have tried various teeth whitening systems. Experienced service providers understand that some patients are highly sensitive to during particular procedures and offer less than stellar results, which many not last for long. However, Beyond deep bleaching systems are very effective and offer great results.

Short time teeth whitening procedure like zoom involve applying concentrated bleaching agent and dehydrating the teeth under light and heat, which help to suck the moisture out of the teeth. This will help to turn the teeth white due to the dehydration of the enamel. But once the moisture is reintroduced, the color with will come back again.

this is the opposite of Beyond products where less dehydration and last longer.

Kor Whitening system involves wearing trays while sleeping, which make it possible to whitening gel to remain in the tooth for a longer time. The bleaching agent features hydrogen peroxide, which breaks large molecules down into smaller molecules. The longer you wear the trays, the higher the chances that you will be able to eliminate all large coloring molecules. Gemini trays feature high-quality materials that can achieve a precision fit and seal the gel from flowing into the mouth and mixing with saliva. Ensuring that the gel cannot mix with saliva help to reduce the rate at which the gel breaks down and improve the effectiveness of the whitening agent.

Gemini trays address sensitivity issues and can be used to bleach some areas of the teeth that may not be possible with other teeth whitening methods. The Gemini teeth whitening process involve applying varnish before the teeth bleaching process. Applying vanish help to seal dentin tubules that cause sensitivity during the teeth whitening process. Moreover, the teeth whitening process used water-based gel that helps to minimize tooth sensitivity. For a permanent solution, teeth whitening services provider may recommend sleeping with the trays at least once a month, especially if you use staining foods and beverages regularly.

Kor Whitening Cost:

The cost of Kor Whitening solutions varies depending on the type of and the severity of the stain. The prices can range from about $500 for simple tray teeth bleaching to as high as $1000 for Ultra Max bleaching. Ultra Max bleaching is designed for tetracycline staining that may include dark brown or gray colors in the teeth. on the other hand, Beyond whitening systems have better results and lower cost around 20%. Some patients with fewer stains may not require max 5 teeth bleaching, but most patients require the use of trays to achieve desired results.


Gemini & MAX 5 whitening system


Many people have used the Gemini & MAX 5 whitening system successfully, and most dentists recommend this teeth whitening method for their patients. It offers life changing results and helps to improve the confident of the patient. This solution is perfect for people with high degree of sensitivity and often achieves permanent results. Due to its effectiveness, Gemini & MAX 5 whitening solution are worth the investment.

Conclusion about teeth whitening treatments:

Teeth whitening treatment help to boost your smile. Teeth Whitening Centers Services have all it takes to carry out the teeth whitening service. They include highly qualified professionals in a different part of the world that are dedicated to ensuring that your smile shines again. Teeth whitening solutions are designed to reduce stains that might have resulted from coffee, smoking, and other staining materials. This help to boost you confident while talking to people and showing your teeth.

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