The 3 Money Making opportunities in teeth whitening

The 3 Money Making opportunities in teeth whitening 


Here I will talk about each opportunity, doability, needed items to make it happen, and expected financial returns


Teeth whitening Centers

Teeth whitening Centers is a US company with a specialty in teeth whitening solutions directed to end customers.


The 3 Money Making opportunities in teeth whitening options.  


         1:  Independent Teeth Whitening Specialist program For individuals that are looking  

              for new  careers.

               You can learn how to whiten teeth & become a certified teeth whitening expert for free.  

               You can start getting new clients in 10 days.  


               Providing a plan on how to have 10 locations in 10 days that you can make money             

               of each location on daily bases without spending any money.


               You can expect a financial return around $6000-$ 9000. Within 4-6 months.




         2:  Join our Teeth Whitening Service Location Program TWSL

              For already established business in the beauty and health category.


Teeth whitening Centers TWSL Program. Allows you to add your location as certified teeth whitening

location (location approval needed). check areas availability for new locations


               Those business could be:

                                                 1- Spa

                                                 2- Hair salon

                                                 3- Tanning salon

                                                 4- Nails

                                                 5- Beauty and body businesses

                                                 6- Dentist office

                                                 7- Doctor office



       You can get certified to start providing teeth whitening solutions to your clients.


             And here you will make all the money, you just have to have the required products from    

             teeth whitening centers to be able to perform the work.

             You could make somewhere between $6000 – $9000 a month with $2000 startup cost to

             you buying the required items to be able to perform the job correctly.



       A teeth whitening expert will come to your location and perform the teeth whitening for your clients.                               


             You will be making a % of the total monthly sales for teeth whitening services performed

             In your location.


             You could make somewhere between $1000 – $5000 a month with no cost to you.


3- Affiliate Marketers & sales representatives.

   If you are an affiliate marketer, then you can start selling the teeth whitening products and 

   service packages and make big bucks commissions.

  This could be done and you can start within couple of days

   You could make $1000 – $5000+ in commissions depending on your dedication, email list you    

   own and how creative in sales you are.


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