The fastest way to get to your marketing plan goals

The fastest way to get to your marketing plan goals

Marketing is evolving every day. becoming a big Giant and growing dramatically, let’s say you are going to start a new business. And you have a set of sales goal you need to achieve. One of the most important things you need to do when you start the gurney to achieve your goal is to have your marketing budget in place from day 1. You are taking a huge risk if you don’t have marketing budget No matter of how small it is.  Your sales goals should play a big factor in the way you structure your marketing campaign and efforts. You growth goals and territories expansion define your top markets.


Marketing Goals could be

  • Market share
  • Customer retention
  • Sales Goal
  • Reducing cost
  • Increasing efficiency

It’s very important to a chive your marketing goals on time or sooner in order achieve your sales goals and create growth in your company. This factor is very important cuz it relates to time. And time does matter.


1- you need to create your marketing plan.













Content Writing

On page SEO

Of  page SEO


                           Social media



Content creation



                                           Online (measurable)

Social media ads

Display and search engines ads

                                           Of line (immeasurable)

Printed media



Bill Boards


Problems you might face.

Now the problem of putting those items together in sync, gaining experience and applying it.

If you keep on learning will get there for sure.  as I learned the devil is in the details, most people will be taking a long time to finish the tasks due to no experience, this will be resulting to bad decision making, a lot of time wasted on reading and education

How to avoid this

Hiring an expert to do it for you will be the best bet for you and the fastest route, you should focus on running the business and achieving bigger goals in same period that you wanted to learn and to do marketing




2- Marketing budget

Always you should start with a budget $ amount and a plan for this budget.

You will plan the budget as follow

  1. Check the best marketing source in your niche, area or territory
  2. Divide your budget on small testing campaigns following the marketing plan
  3. Measure your success and focus on the best 3 channels
  4.  Inject money into the successful campaigns.
  5.  Keep monitoring the campaigns












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